USB Sticks And How To Use Them For Promotions

USB flash drives can be used for a wide range of purposes, for a company you might want to giveaway a branded USB at a trade show or exhibition to help promote your companies name or create brand awareness. For schools, colleges and universities you might use a personalised USB for your students to save their course work onto. The uses of logo printed USB drives are endless. The benefit for companies is that not only can you giveaway a very useful promotional gift being a logo USB, but there is a high possibility that the customer you gave it to will attach it to their keys and use it meaning that your companies logo, web address and telephone number are always to hand for your client if they need to get in contact with you.

Memory Sticks For Exhibitions

The days are gone of useless promotional give away products, I mean who uses a stress ball these days, well I suppose those who are stressed! Those people really should chill lax a bit. The most paramount promotional gift to give away in this and the last decade are printed USB drives, every ones needs one and every one uses them on a daily basis and a custom USB are one of the most useful devices to have hanging from your bunch of keys.

Logo Printed USBs and what capacity to use…

So you have decide that you are going to use a personalised USB in your next marketing campaign, so how do you make the most of what you got? We highly recommend printing your logo on one side of the USB flash drives and your contact details on the other. We have so many customers just going for a branded USB with their logo printed on both sides, what a waste of limited space I hear you cry, well you are not wrong. We advise them that it would be better to use each side of the custom USB with different printed text or logo. This costs extra you might ask? Well no if fact to print your logo on one side and your web url and / or your telephone number on the other is the same price as the same logo printed on both sides of a branded USB allowing you to max your promotional exposure to its limits.

Ok so you are defiantly going to give away USB drives at the next trade show or exhibition your company attends, but how do you choose which capacity would best suit your needs? This is a question we get asked by a lot of our clients. “I would like a quote for some USB flash drives please” what are you going to use them for we ask. “I just want to give them away at my next trade show to help promote my company” ok would you like some data to be pre-loaded on the branded USB? we ask… “no I just want it blank so my customer can use it over and over to store music and photos on and hang it from their keys” Ok what capacity of personalised USB would you like we ask “what is the cheapest custom USB you sell?” they ask…

Nooo, if you want your client or customer to hang your logo usb from their keys and use it to store music, word documents and photo’s you won’t want to go for the cheapest option of 64mb, that will hold hardly any data and will go down quicker than the titanic and end up either in your customers 2nd draw or, if they really weren’t impressed with your choice of memory capacity in they will throw it in the bin.

If you are looking for your customers to use and re-use your personalised USB we would recommend nothing less than 1Gb USB sticks. At this capacity your customer will be able to store much more data and is therefore more likely to hang your branded USB from his/hers keys and… yes you guessed it always remember your companies name, web address and telephone number.

Branded USB Memory Sticks and how we print them…

Right we have establish what capacity logo USB you are going to choose, now lets focus on the printing of the branded USB. I am sure many companies have what are called “Corporate Colours” yes? Ok fret not, when it comes to printing your logo directly onto the branded USB memory stick you have chosen, we will ask you for the pantone colours that are used in you logo. What are pantone colours you might ask? We all know that the primary colours of the spectrum are red, blue and yellow, and out of these colours if mixed you can make up secondary colours being green, orange and purple, Then there are tertiary colours… I am going to stop there, we all did this at school!

Pantone colours are every shade of every colour. Yes there really are over 100 different reds, blues, greens etc. We will ask you to supply us with the correct pantone colours for you companies logo, “hold on” you say, “I don’t know the pantone colours used in my companies logo” no worries we have specialist software that can identify what pantone colours are used in your companies logo and will print your custom USB in the correct colour to match the exciting colours in your logo.

Ok lets take this pantone colour thing to a whole new level. We can also pantone match the shell / outer colour of your personalised USB. Yep that’s right, so your logo has a lot of red in it or it is all red, yet the standard red custom USB shell we have is nowhere near the same red as what is in your logo. We can fix this colour matching nightmare for you by matching the red colour (or whatever pantone colour) is used in your logo by making the shell of the personalised USB match the exact same pantone colour used in your logo.

Promotional USB Sticks and pre-loaded data…

Ok so now we know that we can pantone match your logo usb lets talk data. Some people like to have their USB’s empty ie: no pre-loaded data and other customers like to giveway their branded USB with data on it. The data most clients put on their personalised USB is either a small presentation, a price list or… who knows… the choices for what data you wish to up load to your custom USB are endless. The point I am coming to is you don’t have to do this yourself, no… we do this for you at no extra cost.

Think about how long it would take to upload 2Gb onto 500 drives? I’ll give you a heads up… about 20 hours, and that’s not taking into account the time it takes inserting and removing the personalised USB to and from you computer. Surely you have got better things to do with your time than waste 20 hours… I think so…This is were we come in, we will upload the data for you to your branded USB, all you have to do is email it to us or upload it to our FTP site and then sit back relax and wait for your pre-data loaded personalised USB to turn up. Yes it really is that easy, we do all the work for you at no extra cost.

A question we get asked a lot of the time is “Can I prevent my customer from deleting the data I choose to have pre-loaded on my personalised USB ?” the answer simply is… yes, we can lock your data on the USB drives so it can never be deleted, and when I say never I mean NEVER, we have tried many times and have yet to delete any pre-loaded locked data. So there you have it, pre-loaded data directly onto your personalised USB and you don’t even have to put one into your computer.

Personalised USB Express Service…

So we have covered quite a lot about USB flash drives, but what about those of you that have to attend a trade show in 4 days time and don’t have a promotional product to giveaway. Most logo usb companies will tell you that you will have to wait at least 7 to 10 working days to take delivery of your personalised USB sticks. Well that is no good if you need them in 4 days. We can help, yes you cheer… We have an express service for branded USBs and we can deliver them to you within 24 hours!. You can have your logo printed on both sides in up to 4 colours or Full Colour printing is available. We don’t and I stress don’t stick “Stickers” or “Epoxy Dome Resin” labels onto the custom USB. “Why not you may ask?” Simply because they will and do eventually fall off or peel off. What’s the point of having your company branded USB and the logo falls off! Opps that doesn’t sound too good to me! at USB Makers we screen print directly onto all of our promotional USB Sticks, yes even the ones for our express service. We see no point in supplying our customers sub-standard products that at the end of the day don’t do what they say on the tin. The moral of this is not to go for the quick fix, yet come to us and have your custom USB printed correctly so as your companies logo or brand is ALWAYS on your USB flash drives.

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