Credit Card USB Memory Sticks

Credit Card USB Sticks

The Credit Card USB Sticks is our range of Card Style Memory Sticks that combines a USB with the convenience of a wallet-friendly shape. Sleek and space-efficient, the Card USB Memory Sticks are popularly used as USB business cards, not only can your contact details be printed on the card, but documents promoting your company can be pre-loaded onto the USB Flash Drive for maximum brand awareness.

The Credit Card USB Flash Drive styles can be printed in up to 4 Pantone colours, full-colour print or alternatively, can be engraved with your personalized logo for no extra charge, accentuating the professional feel of the style. Suitable for all uses,  Credit Card USB Memory Sticks are available in capacities from as low as 128Mb to as high as 64Gb. The Slim Card style is particularly popular because of its added benefit of having full-colour printing included as standard. Whether you’re considering the USB Credit Card Series for a promotional giveaway or for use as a company business card, the Credit Card USB Flash Drives will make a lasting impression on whoever receives it.

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